September 19, 2008

Fantastic Find Friday

I love finding new things to try so I'm going to pass on a few of my favorite things.....

Dove Regenerating Night lotion

This lotion is amazing, I use it on my hands and feet. Well, actually I use the pity look and get Ricky to rub my feet and hands with it before I go to bed. :) I can really tell a difference on my feet cause my heals are usually dry but not now!! I got mine at Big Lots for 4.00 You can't beat it!

Febreze odor eliminator candle

We got the fall harvest candle and I'm in love with it. It does eliminate the odors like when I cooked with onions and garlic this week it didn't smell like it. It smells great even without burning it. I would suggest that if you have strong allergies not to get it cause it can be strong especially if burning in a small area. There are 8 different scents, I think. We found ours again at Big Lots and it was 4.00. Walmart, Target and K-mart have them and I've seen them between 5.00-9.99.

For those of us with kids and especially kiddos that may have a speech delay, autism, allergy, or some other special need..... Someone sent me this website. It has got to be the greatest idea ever!! They have temporary tattoos that you fill in the information on about allergies, health condition and your phone number in case your child gets lost. You can buy them already filled out from the company or you can get some that you fill in the information yourself with a special marker. That way if your kid is off with Grandma she can write in her number and they call her. I haven't ordered yet, but its on my list of things we need.
Visit Safety Tat's website

Those are my favorite finds for the week! Enjoy your weekend!

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