September 8, 2008


I'm feeling a little old. We hit Six Flags over the weekend and my body hasn't recovered yet. I'm so serious, I pulled out the tube of Aspercream lastnight and begged Ricky to rub it on my aching back. Ohhh, It hurts! I laid there this morning at 3am and thought about how my mom used to ride all the rides with us and she would get up and work the next day. Again I'm thinking my mom was wonderwoman cause I don't remember her complaining the next day.

I did get to have one of what I'm sure will be my greatest memories EVER with Regan. I rode with him on his first rollercoaster!! They have added a small one in the kiddie part and it was a blast. He made some really funny faces but seemed to enjoy it. He put his little arms up when we were still waiting to be dispatched. SO cute! Thanks Jessica for getting a cute picture.

Thats us in the front going into the bushes!

We didn't make it to our friends wedding shower like we were supposed to. Toni and Channing please forgive us. We lost track of time and then I had a hard time leaving Regan. We're so sorry!!

We watched the Alabama game that night at Steve and Pat's house. I was so shocked at the team that showed up to play at that game. It didn't even look like the same team that played Clemson the week before. The offensive line wasn't the same and I know that they had moved some players around but geesh. JPW got sacked 4 times! I honestly felt sorry for him. So hopefully we will see a different team this weekend. I don't know if Ricky can handle another weekend with Alabama looking so bad even with a win Ricky replayed that game in his head allnight.

Sunday we slept in and then yesterday afternoon we spent cleaning out our bedroom. I let it get so bad. There were clothes everywhere and I couldn't tell you the last time that it had been swept and the sink and all that cleaned. So now I have a clean room of course I also have tons of clothes to wash and so I better get to washing!! Have a wonderful week!

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