September 17, 2008

Can the kid go in the washer??

Regan loves washing clothes. Something his mom hates to do. I mean HATE is the nice way to put it. I wish for disposable clothes every time I step into that dreaded room.

So today Regan was helping me put clothes in the washer and what happens but RING RING so I put the laundry detergent down and run to answer the phone thinking ** Yes I know** that Regan would keep putting the clothes into the washer!!! Instead he gets the laundry detergent and attempts to pour it into the machine. So as I step back in the laundry room, there he he stands covered in laundry detergent. Its all over the washer, the floor,the clothes in the floor EVERYWHERE!! He poured the entire bottle used less than 5 times out.

So then we head to the bath cause we gotta get it off and well there were more bubbles than water in the tub. The entire time he keeps saying HO!HO! as he makes himself a lovely Santa beard.

Sorry I didn't get pictures the camera is in the car and well I didn't feel like going to get it.

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Blue-Eyed Bride said...

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