September 22, 2008

Another recipe

I'm obsessed with food! I've been eating smaller portions but more often lately so here is a new recipe I tried on Saturday.

Broccoli and Cheese soup
(Thanks Kennis for talking about O'Charley's on Friday)

2 small cans of chicken broth~ Use a big one if you have it~
1 bag frozen broccoli
1 block Velvetta cheese
Salt and pepper to taste

Put ingredients into a boiler on medium heat.
Stir every few minutes to help mix the cheese up.
I think it took about 15 minutes to get it all mixed.

It was Yummy!!

I want some opinions about Gatlinburg in the Fall. Ricky and I really want to go see the leaves during fall. I'm thinking because Alabama football has a break on the weekend of Oct. 10 we might try to sneak off for the weekend. I think it would be easier with one child than trying to go next year with a baby and a child. So has anyone ever been? Is it as beautiful as I imagine? Can you find a cheap enough hotel thats's clean?

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Shasta said...

I love the recipes you keep putting up!! Of course, you are obsessed with food you're pregnant. How have y'all been? I feel like we are always on the go and still never get nothing done. On November 1st we are going to have a thrifty day. We are going to spend the entire day going to thrift stores, starting out with America's Thrift Store in Tuscaloosa and probably end with Pell City. Maybe you want to go. Talk to you later.