September 29, 2008

Number two in the nation.. number one in his heart

Number 2 in the Nation is good, right? Now Ricky is worried that each game could mean something bad for Alabama. He is worried more now I think. I made fun of him for being dressed in all Alabama stuff today. He proceeded to tell me that he has supported Bama through good and bad, Stallings to Saban all all those between. Sounded like a marriage vow to me! He's so funny!

I'm seven weeks pregnant now. I don't feel pregnant at all.I have to wait till next Tuesday to go to the doctor. It's been a long three weeks already. I had already been to the ob two times with Regan at this point. Once to confirm and do the first exam and then again for an ultrasound at 6 weeks. I know each doctor is different but I just want to see this little tic tac. Ok I'll quit being a crybaby.

Regan and Elmo was funny. He was kinda freaked out at first I mean they were there in person! He started signing home and trying to get away. We were in the 11th row, thank goodness I didn't go crazy and get 1st row seats he really would have been scared. He did start to enjoy it after a few minutes. Ricky and I thought it was cute

When they first came out

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