June 9, 2009

I think I'm private!!

I have went back and forth about this and well for right now I think it's best. Strange places were spending too much time and trying to copy pictures of Regan.

On other news a blog that I was interested in turned out to be a scam. This woman said she was pregnant and the baby had trisomy 13 and some other issues and that she was expected to even be born. I started reading her blog in April she asked for donations and got lots of money and gifts from people she even started a thing called HIS WILL WEDNESDAY where other readers could send in prayer request and she would post them on for all to pray about, well over the weekend she went into "labor" she had decided on a home birth because they knew the baby wouldn't live very long with the issues it had, she posted pictures of a baby that she said was hers but her baby only weighed 4 pounds and in the pictures the baby was probably 10-12 pounds, had a perfect complexion, and a beautiful face. It just kills me that people would use a genetic issue to make money. It's sad that there are people out there like this. The blog has since been deleted and no one will ever know the true story behind April rose and her mom B. I'm disgusted at the whole idea and that I got swept into it. I even made Ricky get off the xbox live Sunday so I could keep checking on her. How sad, I hope that the author of that blog never has to face a real issue with a child because the child deserves better than a scam artist parent.

okay enough ranting for today. Less than 24 hours till I know if we are having a boy or girl!!!!! I'm so excited!!!

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