June 23, 2009

My husband saved me from....

It's 2:45am. I'm up with some awful heartburn, thanks BBQ sandwiches, I've been up for an hour on the internet where else would I be.

A few minutes ago I go and get me some water to go along with my pink lemonade lollipop,Yum. After fixing my glass of water I hear these taps it's pretty loud and I run for Ricky. "Ricky there is something outside the kitchen come here and listen" Ricky who has been passed out for hours gets up cause I won't stop shaking his arm happily and goes to the kitchen . He listens for 5 seconds and then turns the faucet all the way off. My mystery attacker was the dripping faucet hitting something in the sink.

Maybe I shouldn't be allowed out of bed in the middle of the night.

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