August 17, 2008

Cleaning out

I have spent the last few weeks cleaning out.I have cleaned out Regan's clothes, the kitchen and some of my clothes. Today I took off about 10 bags ans 2 diaper boxes full of stuff. I was a little sad because the donation boxes that were just a few miles from our house were taken away sometime last week But we have a thrift store in Alexandria and so they will find LOTS in the morning. I even realized when I got home that I had forgotten some things so I'll stop by tomorrow with more stuff.

In this process I have went through all the clothes that I have been buying for Regan for this Winter. Oh my! The kid has too many clothes. 20 pair of pants, 40 or so shirts,10 fleece pullovers, 6 jackets, 2 thick and 4 thin and even 2 snow suits!! We of course live in a place that only has had a dusting of snow since he was born. But hey we're ready! Maybe I can convince Ricky to go to the mountains during the winter to get our money's worth out of the snow suits! Actually I still have most of the tags on the stuff and the most expensive thing was a Ralph Lauren Polo sweater that was 4.88!! Got to love the thrift stores!!! I am having more trouble now finding pants. Kids in 3T and 4T are rough on their jeans!!


We have only 6 more pay checks till Christmas! YIKES!!! We have been trying to buy some things since the end of December last year but man I'm behind!! I've been looking for some cute crafty things to do this year. Be ready for something cheap people but its a tight year but we're trying.


Speaking of cheap.. I love my good gas mileage car. I'm still getting about 38mpg which I love. I did find some gas in Ohatchee at 3.52! Woohoo! I was excited. I sure do miss the days of .99 a gallon but that's just the way it is.

Regan has a new favorite snack. Frozen grapes. My mom has been freezing them and Regan will sit down and eat them like crazy. He brings the bowl and asks for more please (well signs for more please)
I know this has been a crazy post sorry! Thanks for reading!

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Shasta said...

Just wanted to let you know that gas is $3.49 in Jacksonville. We should get together and do some Christmas craft gifts together. Hope your week is goin great. Has the school contacted you about Regan's therapy? Lord willing, I hope so. We have a new Pastor now. Y'all should come hear him, I think you would enjoy his style...