August 31, 2008

Football and celebrations

Happy Anniversary to Ricky's mom and dad. They celebrate 29 years today. The two of you raised an amazing son. I'm so thankful for what wonderful grandparents you are to Regan. Even though we make fun of you for obsessed ways we are so thankful you are so active in Regan's life. I hope you have another 29 years.

Football season has officially begun. We had a great time Saturday night watching the first game of Alabama's season. They won a game that no one expected them to win, Ricky was and is very happy to see the improvements from the past few years.

I saw a cake on a recipe book that looked like a football field. It was really cute and so Regan and I made one to pass the afternoon by. I need to get the correct things for cake decorating but did the best I could with zip lock bags to do the team names in the end zones.
I ran out of red food coloring so the brown football looked a little bit like a dark olive green. I thought it was cute and we had a blast making it. The green grass was coconut that had been dyed green with food coloring. Since Regan doesn't do cows milk I made the icing from powder sugar and soy milk. I couldn't tell an difference in the flavor and the coconut added a good sweetness to it. Regan loved the process and is begging for some cake! Have a great week!

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