August 25, 2008

Legislation passed for Higher Education for people with Disabilities

WOOHOO! I received an email tonight about new legislation that has been signed by President Bush on August 14 that will help make it easier for people with disabilities to attend college.

Here are some of the provisions for students with intellectual disabilities

• Allows students with intellectual disabilities, who are attending programs designed for them in higher education, to be eligible for the first time for Pell Grants, Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants and the Federal Work-Study Program.
• Authorizes the development and expansion of high-quality, inclusive model comprehensive transition and post-secondary programs.
• Authorizes the establishment of a coordinating center for the new model programs. This center will provide technical assistance, evaluation, and development of recommendations for model accreditation standards as well as outreach and dissemination to post secondary programs, families and prospective students.
Ensure equal college opportunities for students with disabilities
• Establishes a national center to provide support services and best practices for colleges, students with disabilities, and their families.
• Helps colleges recruit, retain, and graduate students with disabilities and improves education materials and facilities.

I am so thankful for the advocates that are fighting for the rights of people with intellectual disabilities they are changing the world for us.

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