August 28, 2008

Update to the bad yesterday!

As you most know I haven't been ovulating. Its been really depressing for me and well I posted yesterday that it just wasn't happening and I was so upset. Ricky can tell you that I've been very very ill and depressed the last few days because it wasn't happening! I've been for two years and two months!!!

Well ............. (drum roll please)

I ovulated!!! Ok so I'm really excited and no it doesn't mean that I'm pregnant or may be pregnant but its a sign that all these meds are doing their job and well it just makes me feel so much better. I haven't been taking them exactly right because well I forget to take them at lunch lots of times. But I'm more motivated now to keep taking them!

Here's how I know that it happened. I have been taking temps and also doing a ovulation predictor kit. I did the test yesterday morning but I don't remember looking at the results, kinda gross to know that a pee stick was sitting on my bathroom counter I know but anyway I was having some pressure in my pelvic area lastnight and I keep telling Ricky it felt like my ovary. I had these pains when I was younger and that was the explanation that I got before. So I went to the potty lastnight and looked down at that stick and there it was (||) I was having an LH surge that meant that ovulation was near. So I retested thinking that it might be that the stick had sat there all day but nope the new one showed || So anyway then this morning I checked my temp and its up! which is another sign that I ovulated!!! I'm just so excited! Its a great start!! WooHoo! Keep us in your thoughts that things keep getting better for our fertility issues. We are so ready for another child!
Bring on the baby dust!!

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