August 25, 2008

Its almost here!

College football starts this week! Thursday to be exact. So from Thursday into January it will be all about college football at our house. Ricky has been waiting on this week since......well, the end of last season. He has been able to tell me how many days for about 8 months now. I don't really claim any team. I feel like I know so much about Alabama but that's because my hubby tells me something new everyday. I promised that I wouldn't claim to be a Bama fan but I guess will have to do a silent Roll Tide. Don't tell Ricky cause I don't want to hear the whole I knew you would, I knew one day you would get smart. I just love to see a good game. I don't care if it's two small colleges as long as its a good game I'm all into the game.

We've been looking at tickets on eBay. We found some really good deals for the Tulane game on September 6Th but that is the day that we are going to six flags with the Honda world. We are going to be home in time to watch the game but I don't think we can make it to Atlanta and then to Tuscaloosa for the game. Can we? :)

I'm looking for some recipes for Football food. Something besides just chili. It gets old by about the 3rd game. If you have a recipe or suggestion comment me of email me!

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