September 2, 2009

All I want for Christmas......

Dear Santa,the easter bunny,tooth fairy,cupid,and any other person who will bring me something:
I want this!!

See I've never really loved any cars until I saw this car. It is perfection! I went ahead and built one on the dodge website so I could show exactly what I want on it. And well here ya go!

6.1-Liter SRT HEMI(R) V8 Engine
Premium Leather Trim Bucket Seats w/ Accent Stripe
6-Speed Manual Transmission
AM/FM Stereo Radio w/In-Dash 6-Disc CD/DVD/MP3 Plyr
Bright Accelerator, Brake and Clutch Pedals
Power Sunroof
13 Kicker SRT High-Performance Speakers
200-Watt Kicker SRT Subwoofer
322-Watt Kicker SRT Amplifier
Instrument Cluster White Face with Tachometer

The color doesn't matter as much so feel free to surprise me on that. The cost well it is as much as we owe on our house but hey! It sure is pretty and well two car seats would surely go in the back seat with no problem, right? Because you know safety first!

I won't ask for anything else for at least six months if I could just have this one little thing.

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