September 28, 2009

This weeks menu

This weeks meals are pretty simple. I'm making a few casseroles and things that I can make double and freeze. I was going to try to do all my freezer meals over the weekend but it just didn't work out for me to do it that way. Maybe this will work better??

Red beans and rice with smoked sausage

Italian pork chops~ Crock pot
Au Gratin Potatoes
Green Beans

Wednesday~making one for freezer
Enchilada Casserole

Thursday~making one for freezer
Chicken pot pie

Friday~making one for freezer
Pizza Pasta Casserole

Saturday~ Company for the game
Buffalo chicken Sandwiches

Again our lunches are usually leftovers, salad,chicken salad, cereal or something quick and easy. We have saved a couple of hundred dollars since school started just by not eating out during the week for lunches. We only go out to eat like once a week and usually on Friday since football season has started so that also saves us lots!!!

What are you having?

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