September 24, 2009

Exhaustion= blogger lose

I'm sorry but blogger has lost out on the things to do. I'm exhausted. I get Regan on the bus and usually go back to bed. Get up at one and then I'm ready to go back to bed by the time Ricky gets home. This house is falling apart and the laundry well its a mountain. Today I feel okay so that is why you get a post.

Things are okay with the pregnancy. I'm still having those stress test done every week and as I posted on facebook I got scared yesterday but I've decided that if he really thought something was wrong I wouldn't be home today I would be in the hospital with the little one. Hopefully next week will be worry free!! I'm up a total of 15 pound which is all I wanted to gain for the whole pregnancy but two weeks ago Kollyn weighed over 5lbs so I'll just remember that he is taking up some of this weight!! He isn't growing as fast as he was so he is about where his original due date was. WHO KNOWS when he will be here. Ricky says next weekend and I'm going for 3 weeks from now. What do you think? The bus drivers tells me this morning that I have dropped!! WOOHOO!

School is going good for Regan. He did get two frowny faces lastweek. One for throwing rocks and one for eating them! The kid loves rocks. What can I say.

Ricky is off this weekend but we have lots going on!! Friday his mawmaw is turning 75 so we will be having a get together for her. Saturday is college football day. My brother and sister-in-law are coming over for the game. Ricky and Jay are going to be cutting grass afterwards,we hope for no rain. Sunday we go to order the pictures we had made last weekend and then we are having a small baby shower hosted by Ricky's family. We all know how much I struggle with these kinds of things but at least Ricky will be there for me.

Hope all is going well for all of you. I'm reading blogs even though I'm not posting here on this one. Have fun!!

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