March 4, 2009

Great topic for my 100th post!!

Okay so I don't have a giveaway of my own to tell you about. Truthfully, I've just been way to busy dealing with.............................................................pregnancy!!!! That's right I'm pregnant!! We were going to keep it a secret until after the first trimester was over but who am I kidding I'm too excited. Now I know that things could still go wrong, but I'm only thinking positive for the next 5 weeks. We got to see the baby on Monday. Right now it only looks like a little bean but we saw and heard a heart rate so that was great!! I am going to be going to the doctor every two weeks for a couple of months just to keep a close check. I would go every day if they would let me!!! I'm taking some progesterone to help thicken my uterine walls. It is an interesting medicine the side affects make me feel awkward but they are suppose to improve with time. I've know for three weeks today. It has been hard keeping our little secret but now it's out!

Even though I promised a giveaway and don't have one I do know someone who does!!!
Misadventures of a newlywed has a giveaway you should check out!

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congratulations!! I will be praying for everything to go as planned.