March 19, 2009

Instability x2

We got a mix of answers yesterday at our appointment. You can see the one point of instability but, Regan has another between the skull and C1. I only got a picture of the one xray but there was another film that showed the second instability. Both are at 7mm which at this point they don't do anything about. At 10mm they will be talking surgery!!! That is only 3mm away!! We go back in three months to redo these xrays and see where we are at that point. That appointment will be with a neurosurgeon because this involves his skull so, they take it over when the skull is involved. I'm nervous still that if it can go from 0-7 in a year can it go 3 more millimeters in 3 months.

We finished the appointment with a trip to the zoo. It was a pretty day and we got there pretty early so it wasn't that busy just yet. Ricky and I love going but Regan could really care less. He did like the fish,lions,tigers and the carousel but then he was ready to go. After we saw what we wanted to we finally gave in and left. We had to have lunch at the Cheesecake Factory and boy was it Yummy!! Their loaded baked potato soup was so good. We sat outside and just enjoyed some sunshine. Even with the scary news we still just got to enjoy the day together as a family.

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Adrian said...

Ok I just found your little blogger thingy here..CUTE....I gotta start me one!!! anyway I'm sorry about the scary news ya'll got!! Hang in there...We're praying for ya'll ...But in other news I'm glad lil peanut is growing and everything is sounding good...I'm thinking of ya'll always, you know that!! I called the other day I was going to bring you your cookies!! talk to you later! Love ya!!! A