March 21, 2009

His Plan

I don't know if I've even told anyone about the due date for this little one. It is Oct.23. Wow you probably think, but there is more behind that date than just a date. That day, October 23, is the day that I had a D&C to remove the baby we had lost. I know that very few babies are actually born on their due date, but it has given me such peace knowing that on the worst day of my life one year later it is "scheduled" for me to have a precious gift. I lost faith when we lost the baby in October. I wasn't sure that I would ever get it back. But sometimes His plan for us isn't what we think it should be. I'm so blessed to get to experience pregnancy again. We pray everyday that it is for 40 weeks this time and we have a precious baby at the end of it. I'm thankful for each day and learning to relax knowing that there is a plan for us.

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