March 17, 2009

Nursery items wish list...

OK so I'm 30 weeks away from our little peanut getting here but I've been window shopping!! I spend way too much time on the Internet,just look at my house and you will agree. We are hoping to use Regan's crib again so that will save us some money but now I'm looking at bedding. I'm not one for soft colors, no pale pink or blue. I want something bolder and more colorful. Something that will stimulate the baby some.Here are some of my recent favorites.

These first ones are from Pottery Barn Kids We love Dr. Seuss here at the Heath house so this would be a huge hit with the hubby and Regan.

The next ones are from Wal-mart the have very limited things in store but a pretty good selection online.

Some I have found at target are my favorites!! Especially the LOVE one!! If its a girl it will more than likely be THE ONE!!

I'm sure I will be doing lots of looking between now and when we are ready to buy but I'd like to have things set up and ready by about 25 weeks. That will be here before we know it!

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Adrian said...

Oh I love the "LOVE" one...How cute is that!!