January 9, 2009

Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act

I wanted to pass this information along.

Seems that on 02/10/2009 it will be illegal to sell items for children under 12 that have not been tested for lead. That includes clothing, toys, electronics and any other child item. That means that thrift stores will not be able to sell these items unless they pay the 200.00-12,000.00 per item to be tested for lead. It also means that reselling these items on ebay, craigslist, at consignment stores and yard sales will be illegal unless you have had them tested. This will put many small business out of work increasing the unemployment rate which is already at 7.2%. What will we be doing with all these items? Throwing them away?? That adds to the amount in the landfills and think about that on the environment!!!!!
I buy lots of clothes for Regan at thrift stores.

Go look up the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act): and see for yourself. I'm stunned and heading to the thrift store to stock up while I can!!!!!

***edited*** I just found a website that states that this will only apply to new toys made after Feb.10. Yea!!! I'm so glad that this won't be messing with my thrift store shopping.

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Shasta said...

I started to wig out when you started out, but was relieved by the end of this topic. Just wanted to stop by and say "hey". How have ya'll been? I have started another full-time semester and Corey is also going to JSU part-time. He has a meeting with BAE at the end of this month and Lord willing it will go in our favor!! Give hugs and kisses to Regan for me. It looks like this semester is going to be very hard and truthfully, I am terrified:( Hunter is acting like a little toddler. How is the baby making business going, other than just having fun trying:) We have been to the ER three times in the last three weeks with Hunter. He is always climbing and getting into something!! I will try to upload some new pics of the boys that is when I have the extra time.