January 27, 2009

Sign says...

In our house we use a good bit of sign language. Regan uses total communication, a mix of sign language and verbal communication. Since we began using signs with him before his first birthday we have picked up a 100+ signs. We have learned these signs from different places and so I thought I would link to some of the for you.

ASL dictionary~ This site is just like a dictionary with pictures of each step of the sign. Its my favorite

Signing Time~ This site grows all the time. It has entertaining videos to teach signing to kids but is good even for adults. Rachel has two daughters that have special needs

Fun Brain~ A fun way to test older kids the letters and numbers signs

ASL PRO~ This site is just like the dictionary above just with video of how to do the sign.

These are the ones that I turn to when trying to teach us a new sign. Go see them I bet you will enjoy another form of communication with your family.

*I do not work or profit from any of the websites listed above other than learning a language to help communicate with my son.

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