January 27, 2009


I refuse to believe that my child will

~Never be able to cook his own meal
~Never know how to use a measuring cup
~Never be able to balance a checkbook
~Never have the joy of having his own place
~Never get the chance to travel without an aide
~Never get to hold a job
~Never get to make decisions for himself
~Never know how how to change a flat tire
~Never know you how to operate a washing machine
~Never know how to use a computer
~Never know how to read above a 1st grade level
~Never be able to do long division

These things among others have been in a book I've been reading lately. I will not limit my child to doing less than I believe he can and will do. Some things might take longer but, to be told that he won't be able to do these things won't work for me. I hope that no parents put limits on their child because of something in these books that are supposed to help parents. Helpful things would to be not to limit your child in any shape, form or fashion.

I'm tossing this book.

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