January 16, 2009

Unpaid tickets = a free ride to Maine

According to the State Troopers office today my dear sweet husband has been to Maine, had speeding tickets and not paid them. He can't get his license renewed. Seems he might just be in some trouble with the law. Umm What?????

Ricky went to renew his license today and was told at the commission office that he can't get a license due to unpaid tickets in Maine. This upsets him one because he has never had a ticket or been past North Carolina. We had to go to the state troopers office and I'm preparing the whole time for Ricky to be arrested on the spot and shipped off to freeze in Maine. It appears that some one with the name Joseph R. Heath with a date of birth 12/15 has some unpaid tickets. Ricky J. Heath with a date of birth of 12/15 does not.

Ricky wants to go to Maine just not in the backseat of a police cruiser.

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