January 28, 2009

I _______

I saw this over at Kori's and wanted something to pass the time by.

I live: in the same house I did growing up.

I work: constantly on cleaning the house.

I smell: nothing at the moment.

I listen: better than I talk.

I hide: the remote from Regan.

I walk: my dog,now that we have a new one.

I write: checks to pay bills, constantly

I see: Elmo all day in some shape,form or fashion.

I sing: badly.

I can: tell you some things about Down Syndrome.

I watch: American Idol.

I daydream: about life with two kids.

I want: life to be easier for my sweet boy.

I cry: when I have to hold my child down for some dental work,like yesterday

I read: lots of books.

I love: the thought of growing old with the people I love

I rode: with Regan on his first roller coaster.

I sometimes: forget to tell my hubby how much he means to me.

I fear: what will happen to Regan when Ricky and I are gone.

I hope: that it actually snows next week!!!!

I eat: less than I used to.

I drink: a lot of sweet tea.

I play: cars and ball ALL DAY!!

I miss: working sometimes.

I forgive: but never forget and won't put myself back into the situation again.

I drive: a silver gas saver

I lost: my cell phone. AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I dream: about crazy things lately.

I kiss: Ricky before work every day.

I hug: rarely, I'm just not a hug person.

I have: a desire for more kids.

I remember: less than I should.

I don't: enjoy worrying about my child's future.

I believe: one day my prayers will be answered.

I owe: only for my car and house.

I know: that soon my car will be paid for!!!

I hate: that my hubby doesn't get everything he wants when he wants it.

I wish: for a vacation with my loves.

I wear: two size smaller pants than I did last year at this time.

My ex: told me over and over his car was his first love.

Maybe I should: be getting ready.

People would say that I'm: I don't know what would you say?

I don't understand: but I have to believe there is a reason.

Life is full of: experiences you just have to want to experience it.

My past is: over and done with.

I get annoyed when: people use the "R" word around me or my child.

Parties are: a thing of the past, but funny memories.

Tomorrow: will be Friday and Regan has therapy.

Never in my life have I: been able to make a paper airplane.

When I was younger, I: cheered constantly.

When I'm nervous: I chew on my mouth.

When I was 5: my dad put me on a pink dress and red tights for picture day. (My mom was sick)

My life is not complete without: some daily laughs from Regan.

If you visit my hometown: your really bored.

The world could do without: steak.

If I ever go back to school: it will be for elementary education.

And, by the way: you should do this too.I would love to read it.

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